Dubai jeweller reveals first 24-karat gold note

It is important to note the 24K gold note in Dubai is a souvenir, not legal tender
Fifth-generation jeweller Rahul Sagar has introduced Dubai’s first 24-karat gold note. The note pays homage to the tradition of gold in Emirati culture.

Each note contains 0.1 grams of 24-karat gold on the inside. It showcases an image of Dubai’s skyline and landmarks with a unique serial number. This makes it a collectable souvenir.

It is important to note the gold note is a souvenir, not a legal tender.

The 24K gold note is made using cutting-edge, proprietary manufacturing processes in which a thin layer of 24K gold that amounts to 0.1 grams is placed in between layers of polymer substrate that protects the gold and makes it everlasting. 

What makes it unique is the fact that through this patented process, we’re able to capture real 24K gold in a flexible note, and the gold can be recovered – upon a professional fire assay you can recover the 0.1g of 24K gold from the note. 

Whereas gold plated items or notes are dipped into a solution that has a very small content of gold ( this is called electroplating) and this gold fades off and can’t be recovered even if it is melted and a professional fire assay is carried out. Gold-plated notes fade and the gold comes off over time, and it can’t be recovered. 

Gold-plated notes also don’t have 0.1g of gold – it’s not even a fraction of this generally,” Rahul Sagar, founder of Dian Jewellery said.

This technology is protected by US and international patents. 

The notes are available exclusively at Dian Jewellery and Shantilal Jewellers in the Dubai Gold Souk. They can also be purchased online on the Dian Jewellery website.

The notes cost AED159 each and come with a commemorative cover.

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